Oak Forest resident follows dream with new brew shop
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May 16, 2015
Local residents tap into home brewing, growing
October 30, 2015

Oak Forest resident follows dream with new brew shop

WEBFarmboyBrew2-300x200There’s a new tenant in the Garden Oaks Shopping Center that isn’t your typical business – Oak Forest residents Landon and Natalie Weiershausen have taken over what was once a title car loan office and turned the space into a one-stop-shop for home brewing and wine making needs.

Weiershausen grew up in West Texas on a wheat farm and his family comes from four generations of farmers. His blue collar work ethic is part of the foundation of his business and for about seven years now Weiershausen has been brewing his own beer.

Weirerhausen named the brew Farmboy Brew, in line with his roots, however he ran into issues with brewing his own beer following his move into Oak Forest.

“We moved into Oak Forest about two and a half years ago and there just wasn’t a brew shop around.,” Weiershausen said. “It was tough getting my ingredients or I had to order them online.”

Weiershausen met his wife while they were in college at the University of Texas. After his wife graduated, Weirshausen had schooling to finish and needed to buckle down on what path to take to finish his education.

“For a couple of years I was finishing up my school and I just didn’t know what I wanted to do,” Weiershausen said. “Every time we would pass a leasing sign, I would say ‘oh I can put a brew shop there,’ but just as something on the side. When I graduated I started looking at office jobs in oil and gas and had some people helping me with that, but I realized that I’m probably not the person that plays well in an office cubicle environment.”

During his job search, Weiershausen’s wife Natalie gave him the push to run with the brew shop idea. Weiershausen researched the brew shop business and its potential in the area and with each day the business became more of a reality.

“As soon as we realized that this is something people want here, it made it all that much better for us to say let’s do it,” Weiershausen said.
The process of opening the brew shop doors hasn’t been an easy journey, said Weirerhausen.

“The city is really busy right now,” Weiershausen said. “The plan review process took about three months. It was a lot because there is only about one other brew shop in Houston city proper. I don’t think a lot of the plan reviewers understood that Farmboy Brew Shop is a retail shop.”

Now that the doors are open and the Farmboy Brew Shop logo is displayed in the window, Weiershausen says that he has had several people come by to just see what’s going on and who’s the new tenant.

“It’s fun sitting at the front of the office and watching people walk by because everyone will stop and look at our sign,” Weiershausen said.

When looking for a location, Weiershausen says there weren’t too many locations to consider and there is space available in offices and warehouses, but Weiershausen said tenents may end up being buried behind other buildings and businesses. Landing in Garden Oaks Plaza was simply a matter of good timing.

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