How do I get started?

Kits.  We have kits available for both beer and wine making.  There are equipment kits that are a one-time purchase and then ingredient kits that you can start with that come with everything you need including detailed instructions.  Also, check out one of our in-store free intro classes or come in just to discuss the basics.  If you can’t make it to Houston feel free to take a look at our tutorial videos online; we also offer several intro to brewing and wine making books that are great for getting your mind wrapped around the process. Take the plunge!

What is “all-grain”?

All-grain, the term commonly used by brewers, refers to brewing beer from scratch by starting with only malted grain and water. Those new to brewing often learn by using liquid malt extract, a substitute that allows the brewer to skip the step of mashing the grain. While this process can still produce a great beer (and save time), all-grain is the purest method and one that gives the brewer more room to develop a unique recipe and play with different ingredients.

How long do I have to wait to drink what I made?

For beer, it depends on the type made, but generally between 4 to six weeks.  Wine and mead is measured more in months but while it can often be consumable within a couple months after making, a bit of aging never hurts.